Alexandra Sia - Cello

A. Lish Lindsey - Flute

Central New Jersey Musicians’ Union - AFM Local 204-373

Chen Zhangyi - Composer/Violin

The College of New Jersey

Delaware Valley Wind Symphony

Diane Schaming - Mezzo Soprano

The Eastern Wind Symphony

Elizabeth Ramirez - Clarinet

Garden State Symphonic Band

James Lowe - Guitar

Jessica Lennick - Soprano

John Armato - Photography

Joshua William Mills - Composer

Kathryn Guthrie - Soprano

Katie Brennan - Cello

Kim O'Hare - Flute

Lyrica Chamber Music

Merion Concert Band

On the Count of Three...Trio - Violin, Clarinet, and Cello

The Peabody Institute of Music

Roger W. McKinney - Clarinet

Roger Zare - Composer

Rowan College at Burlington County

Sarah Busman - Flute

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